The Northway Group

Spotlight of the Week

  • Meet Allie Carver

    Allie is new to The Northway Group this fall. She is a creative and considers herself to be a likable person, with a great sense of humor.   In ten years, Allie hopes to be in the design industry. Her favorite part about The Northway Group is being able to communicate with those around her and seeing Read More


  • Excitement In The Air

    Yesterday, we got an exciting opportunity to do a unique project for a last minute client. Instead of our usual way for creating work for clients, we have decided to take it to another level. We are doing a brand standard challenge in The Northway Group, where students were put into groups of four and Read More

  • Throwback Thursday!

    On January 10th, 2018 the snow was flying and the wind was blowing, yet the Northway Group wouldn’t let that stop them from helping out fellow alumni. When Matt Weatherly from Street Factory Media asked for a hand with a flash mob promoting the MN United FC’s season, the students from the Northway Group jumped Read More